Mobile Application
and Patient Portal

Protocare is a technology platform which enables healthcare practitioners to provide virtual healthcare services 24/7. Through this model, patients will have a strong connectivity with their providers.

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Healthcare's Triple Aim


To add value and provide a differentiated solution to the market, ProtoCare via a mobile and web-based application provides patient journaling functionality. Patients can create a quick symptom summary, using checklist inputs for upcoming Health Care Provider(HCP) visits with the ability to link to and update through an Electronic Medical Record(EMR) system. This application can be utilized to improve and enhance doctor and patient communication. The journaling allows patients to engage in their treatment regimen and track their illness.

Mobile Application and Patient Portal

The ProtoCare Patient Portal helps to keep Patients connect to their Doctors.

Medication Tracking

Keep track of your past and current medication. Recieve alerts notifiying you when it is time to take your meds.

On Demand Medical Assistance

Connect with a Healthcare Providers 24/7 using ProtoCare's secure HIPAA compliant Telemedicine platform.


Medical History

Keep your Medical History stored for easy access in the cloud on our encrypted HIPAA compliant servers.

Appointment Tracking

Schedule an in office visit or enter our virtual waiting room to speak with a healthcare professional now.

ProtoCare PATIENT ENGAGEMENT mobile application and the portal are designed to improve patient outcomes by enhancing patient engagement and improving compliance and adherence to therapy care plans. Through the patient-centric mobile application and portal, patients can learn about their condition and medication, document relevant aspects of their health history, complete risk assessment forms, document their experience while on therapy and COMMUNICATE DIRECTLY AND INSTANTLY with ProtoCare nurse care navigators to address any questions or concerns through real-time HIPAA secure communication tools.

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Bridge Provider Hand-offs and Improves Care Coordination

The Protocare patient engagement mobile application is designed to integrate bi-directionally with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems to facilitate and automate data and communication workflows between ProtoCare's compliance and adherence support teams and patient caregivers.

  • Patient health histories can be uploaded into the ProtoCare application from Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems in the form of Continuity of Care Document (CCD) that can pre-populate health histories into the application.
  • Engagement summaries and compliance tracking documentation from patient interactions with nurse care navigators can be securely sent back to physicians and uploaded in Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.
ProtoCare ProtoCare

Patient Satisfaction Measurement and Success

Satisfaction forms can be deployed to measure patient experience with services and with therapy use to develop a 360° view of the patient experience to guide continuous improvements in service and therapy delivery.


Available soon in the App Store Coming Soon!

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